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Queens Tea Party

Once Indra Gandhi was invited by queen elizabeth for a tea party.

Zail singh wanted to know why he would not be taken to the ocassion by indra gandhi. Indra said that he did not have any table ettiqquette but she would train him for it. After six months of rigourous training, they went to the party.

After tea the queen kept her cup upside down while indra kept it the right way. Giani was utterly confused and so he kept his cup laying on its side. After the party indra wanted to know why he had kept his cup that way.

He asked the reason for her keeping the cup the right way and the queen keeping it upside down. She said “i wanted more tea and the queen didn’t.”

Why did you keep the cup on its side? Giani thought for a moment and said “my message was – agar chai hai to de do nai to koi gal nahin.”


January 18, 2006 - Posted by | Jokes

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