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Bhola jokes

Pappu, while filling up a form: Dad, what should I write against mother tongue.?
Bhola: Very long!

Frog: Tumhare paas dimaag nahin hai.
Bhola: Hai.
Frog: Nahin hai.
Bhola: Hai.
Frog: Nahin hai and jumps into the well.
Bhola: Isme suicide karne waali kya baat thi.?

Bhola: I kiss my wife everyday before leaving for office, what about u?
Pyarelal: Me too, after u leave.

Bhola: I’m a proud father. My son is in medical college.
Pyarelal: What’s he studying?”
Bhola: He’s not studying, they are studying him!

Pyarelal sent sms to Bhola: Bhejnewala mahan, padhnewala gadha.
Bhola got angry and replied: Bhejnewala gadha, padhnewala mahan.

Bhola: My dad was an extremely brave man. He once entered a lion’s cage.
Pyarelal: He probably got a lot of applause when he got out.
Bhola: I didn’t say he got out.


May 31, 2006 - Posted by | Jokes

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